How to increase your scholarship funding 

Increase 101 

Once you get into your major, you will submit an Award Increase Request, which allows you to double how much money you get from WSOS.  

You should request to increase your funding when you have earned a minimum of 90 quarter or 60-semester credits and have been admitted into an eligible major in an eligible Washington state institution.   

  • Your scholarship will be $2,500 per academic year until you are approved for an increase.  
  • Submit your Award Increase Request as soon as you meet the requirements above. You do not have to wait until your deadline.  
  • Once your increase request is approved, your scholarship will double to $5,000 or more for the following academic year!   
  • Your Increase Request deadline can be found in your Scholar Portal. We will also send reminders leading up until your deadline. 

How do I submit the Award Increase Request? 

Award Increase Requests must be submitted through the Scholar Portal. You must upload the following with your request:   

  1. A Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) letter from your college or university  
  1. An unofficial transcript from the school whose program you have been admitted into that demonstrates you’ve earned the minimum credits required from the college you are completing your degree from 

 Do not mail CIP and unofficial transcripts. 

You can watch this video explaining the necessary documentation and how to submit your request.

What is a CIP code?   

The Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) code is a national classification system for all majors, minors, options, and courses.  

WSOS uses the CIP code, not the name of the program, to identify majors. All majors have a CIP code. Universities and colleges may have the same CIP code for a major, but the name of the major/program may be different.  

Example: CIP Code: 11.0103 Program Name:  

  • University of Washington – Seattle: Human-Centered Design and Engineering  
  • University of Washington – Tacoma: Information Technology  
  • Central Washington University – Information Technology & Administrative Management  

You will need to ask your college or university for a CIP letter. You can start by asking your advisor, registrar or the department head.  You can give them this letter/email template for guidance. We do not accept major acceptance letters. The CIP letter must comply with the following guidelines.

  • The format can be printed on college letterhead or an email with a signature line.  
  • The letter must be signed or include the signature block from the college or university registrar or faculty member in the department where you will receive the degree.  

The letter must state the following:  

  • Name of the major you’ve been accepted into (not a “declared” major);  
  • CIP code for the eligible major; AND  
  • Date you were accepted into the major (not a major/program acceptance letter).  

The unofficial college or university transcript must confirm the following:  

  • You have earned at least 60 semester or 90 quarter credits.  
  • You’re enrolled at either a four-year, eligible college or university or at a community college that offers a bachelor’s degree.  



Q: I am a newly selected Opportunity Scholar and have earned college credits (including Running Start credits) and have been accepted into my major, but I do not have a transcript yet from my new institution. Can I apply for an increase?  

A: Yes! We need to see that the college or university where you are transferring has accepted at least 90 quarter or 60 semester credits. Please email with the contact information of someone from your program who can confirm how many credits transferred.   

Q: I am a current Opportunity Scholar and have been accepted into an eligible major at another institution so I will be transferring in fall 2023. I do not have a transcript at the new institution yet because I haven’t completed any credits yet. What documents do I need to apply for an increase?  

A: Please email with contact information of someone from your program who can confirm that the new institution has accepted at least 90 quarter or 60 semester credits.   

Q: My increase was denied due to an ineligible CIP code. Can I still be eligible for WSOS funding?   

A: No. The CIP code must be on our approved majors list.. We cannot make exceptions for programs that are not on our approved programs list.    

Q: Can I submit my Award Increase Request before I renew my scholarship? Or can I only submit the request during the renewal process?   

A: Any time of the year, so long as its before your assigned deadline. You deadline can be found on your Student Portal. Please submit as soon as you meet the credit requirement and have been admitted into an eligible major so you can get as much money as possible.  

Q: I changed my major to an ineligible major, but my minor is on the eligible major’s list. Can I apply for an increase? 

No, unfortunately, your major must be eligible. We do not consider minors.