Eligible Majors

The list of majors eligible to receive WSOS funds is recommended by staff but ultimately determined by the Board of Directors. To appear on the list, each major or Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) must meet three criteria:

  1. Be considered STEM or health care
  2. Lead to high-demand fields of work in Washington state
  3. Be available as a bachelor’s degree from at least one Washington state institution

The Board of Directors reviews the list of eligible majors periodically (approximately every two years). WSOS does not review CIP codes as one-off requests outside of the normal review cycle except when majors are newly available at a school and meet the criteria above.

Eligible Institutions

Eligible institutions are those that have been approved by the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) for participation in state financial aid programs under RCW 28B.92.030(4) and WAC 250-20-013. This list is updated periodically as the status of institutions change.