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We envision a Washington where all residents have access to our state’s best jobs, and our companies have the diverse, local talent they need to innovate for the world. 



There are barriers in Washington state that limit people’s access to the training and education they need to fill the high-demand jobs that power our economy. 

Businesses in Washington state are eager to fill trade, STEM, and health care jobs with talented local students, but there are currently not enough people graduating into high-demand jobs.


Financial assistance + Mentorship + Career training

We offer financial aid, mentorship opportunities, and career training to holistically support Opportunity Scholars as they build their pathway to a high-demand career.

Our support is a fundamental reason why our Scholars graduate faster, take on less debt, and earn a higher average salary than their peers.

Our program is designed to deliver the best possible return for students, taxpayers, and private sector partners investing in Washington’s future workforce.  

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Congratulations to the newest cohort of Graduate Scholars!

Questions about completing your FAFSA/WASFA in time? Read our advice.

Opportunity Scholar confidently holding up their diploma at graduation

Meet Yesenia, Opportunity Scholar

“Receiving the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship meant a lot to me because I didn’t have to worry or stress about the financial burden that came along with pursuing a higher education. I benefited from the mentorship that WSOS provided by pairing me with a mentor that was working in the same field that I was interested in. It allowed me to network with a healthcare professional and I was able to receive a lot of feedback on what opportunities were available to me.

I feel very thankful to have been chosen to be an Opportunity Scholar because it allowed me to be part of professional development opportunities and also experience some very one-of-a-kind events.

Having my bachelor’s degree will help me reach my goals by being able to apply to a Physician Assistant program in the fall in the upcoming year.”

— Yesenia, Opportunity Scholar

Yesenia is currently working in the healthcare field as a part time Certified Nursing assistant and as a part time lab assistant (Phlebotomist).

Apply for a Scholarship

We offer three pathways to high-demand jobs in Washington state.

The Baccalaureate Scholarship

For Opportunity Scholars who intend to earn their bachelor’s degree — including those who want to transfer or receive their bachelor’s degree from a community college.

The Career & Technical Scholarship

For Opportunity Scholars who intend to earn their certificate, apprenticeship or associate degree.

The Graduate Scholarship

For Opportunity Scholars who intend to earn an advanced Nurse Practioner degree.

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Meet JoAnna, Opportunity Scholar

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of Scholars are students of color
of Scholars are women
of Scholars are first generation

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