Opportunity Scholar Stories

Lesser known WSOS-eligible programs

Written by Kendyl Puhan

Explore these unique WSOS-eligible programs

In the next decade, most jobs in Washington state that pay a family-sustaining wage will require some education after high school. However, the high cost of college and a complex system make it difficult for many students to access the training and education they need. We work to break down those systemic barriers at the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship (WSOS).

WSOS provides students with money for college and support services, such as mentorship, that help students complete their bachelor’s degree, associate degree, certificate, or apprenticeship in high-demand STEM, health care, and trade programs.

While many Opportunity Scholars study STEM and health care programs like biology, computer science, engineering, math, and nursing, there are many other programs—from game design to yoga instructing—that are eligible for WSOS funding beyond traditional STEM and health care programs.

Programs Eligible for the Career & Technical Scholarship (CTS) 

For students interested in pursuing an associate degree, certificate, or apprenticeship program, check out the Career & Technical Scholarship (CTS). You could receive funding for any of the following programs, and you can discover more eligible programs on our website.

The application is currently open until October 24 at 9 p.m. PT. 

Interested in digital/video media? Look into:

Or, consider pursuing a career in:

Opportunity Scholar Jhovan described how WSOS has helped them reach their goals and what their experience studying construction management has been like:

[The scholarship] has helped me reach my goals by being an extra means of funds that allow me to pay for my tuition and not have to worry financially, which gives me more time to focus on school alone. The most memorable part is meeting different people in the new career path I’ve chosen, as well as the learning experiences I’m gaining in all different types of construction management classes because that’s what really interests me.“— Jhovan, Opportunity Scholar

Fluent in multiple languages? Make a career out of your language skills by exploring:

Are yoga and exercise your passion? Consider turning them into a career:

Programs Eligible for the Baccalaureate Scholarship (BaS)

For students pursuing a bachelor’s degree, check out our Baccalaureate Scholarship. The following programs are currently eligible for WSOS funding, and you can find other eligible programs on our website.

The BaS application opens each year in January.

Interested in becoming a teacher?

Washington state needs more educators, particularly in high-demand fields like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The Baccalaureate Scholarship can help you achieve your goal of becoming a teacher in these areas and others, such as:

Toni, Opportunity Scholar, smiling for a headshot
Toni, Opportunity Scholar

Opportunity Scholar Toni, who currently works as a math teacher, discussed working as a teacher in STEM and how WSOS supported them in pursuing a teaching degree.

“I am a Scholar alum working in the field of education as a High School Mathematics teacher. I recently graduated in December 2019 with a BA in Secondary Education of Mathematics and a BS in Mathematics. Without my education, I wouldn’t be able to do any of the things I do today. I am building towards becoming a STEM teacher by becoming more versatile in not only mathematics but science, technology, and engineering so that I may be a better teacher. Receiving this scholarship helped me with the early stages of my education so that I could not only discover my passion for what I wanted to do with my life but help me be more financially stable as I made my way through college.” — Toni, Opportunity Scholar

Interested in health care but unsure if pursuing a career as a doctor or nurse is right for you? Consider exploring:

Would you like to learn more about and help solve issues related to poverty and gentrification in Washington State? The Baccalaureate Scholarship can provide funding for degrees in:

Are animals your passion? Consider studying:

Have you dreamed of an aviation career? This might be the program for you:

Opportunity Scholar Kyanna, who now works as a pilot for the US Air Force, shared how her education was essential to achieving her dream career in aviation.

“I got a degree in mathematics and a minor in aerospace studies, and I’m currently a pilot for the US Air Force. Going to college opened so many opportunities for me. I never would’ve dreamed of pursuing aviation but discovering that in college was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The burden of facing student loans, higher education, and living on your own, all at the age of 18, is overwhelming. Receiving this scholarship represented a beacon of hope, opportunity, and encouragement to help me at a very transitional point in my life.” — Kyanna, Opportunity Scholar