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Opportunity Scholars: Dylan, Nancy, CC, Analicia, Salma, Jonathan, & George
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Government partnerships

Washington state employers are eager to hire qualified talent, and Washington students are capable and ready to succeed. WSOS was built to remove barriers to education and help Washington students find their own pathway to high-demand STEM, health care and trade careers in Washington state. Opportunity Scholars receive financial assistance, career training, and mentorship services that uniquely position them to meet our state’s workforce shortages. The state of Washington amplifies our impact by matching every dollar raised. 

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Alem, Opportunity Scholar

Now, tribes, cities, and counties can tailor our effective scholarship model to the unique needs of their community. Government partners will see their investment in WSOS matched dollar-for-dollar by the state of Washington. A partnership allows governments to create additional scholarship seats exclusive to their community, ensuring students have increased access to postsecondary education and training in high-demand fields. 

How it works: 

Who can invest: City, county, or tribal entities 

Important details: 

  • Partners, like you, invest in the WSOS scholarship model, narrowing in on program rules that meet the unique needs of the local workforce and community. 
  • WSOS secures a dollar-for-dollar state match that doubles your investment. 
  • Together we promote the opportunity to attract as many eligible applicants as possible. 
  • WSOS takes care of the details, from the application to the disbursement of dollars and support services. 

How can I learn more?

Reach out to us at info@waopportunityscholarship.org to learn more about this opportunity.

Seattle Promise 

In 2021, the City of Seattle became the first government or tribe to take advantage of the opportunity for municipalities, counties, or tribal entities to invest in WSOS, receive the state match and direct dollars to their community to its Seattle Promise Scholars.  In Seattle, city leaders are focused on diversifying the local STEM workforce since Seattle has the highest concentration of STEM jobs in the nation. Other communities may focus their resources on developing a pipeline of welders, nurses, or HVAC technicians. 

Seattle invested approximately $400,000 as part of the City’s economic response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Washington state will match the City’s investment dollar-for-dollar. 

FAQ on Governmental Partnerships

What’s the incentive to invest? 
A partnership with WSOS can save the time and money it takes to administer a scholarship or could be used to multiply or complement an existing scholarship program. Governments can double the resources available to support students through our dollar-for-dollar state match while providing their community with exclusive access to a highly competitive program with clear outcomes and a strong return on investment. 

Who is eligible for a governmental partnership? 
Federally recognized tribes, municipalities, and counties. 

Which WSOS programs are eligible? 
Governments can structure their partnership to include one or a combination of our four scholarship programs. Partners can choose to limit eligibility or allow recipients to choose from any of our eligible trade, STEM, or health care credentials to support. 

Who would be eligible to receive a Washington State Opportunity Scholarship through a governmental partnership? 
Any students selected through the partnership must meet the eligibility criteria that apply to all Opportunity Scholars, which can be found on each scholarship applicant page. Partners can further specify criteria within WSOS eligibility so long as it complies with applicable laws and can be operationalized by WSOS staff. Contact us at info@waopportunityscholarship.org for more details. 

How can I learn more? 
Reach out to us at info@waopportunityscholarship.org to learn more about this opportunity.