Opportunity Scholar Stories

Meet Nina, Opportunity Scholar

Nina Mei is a first-generation college student pursuing her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). She is one of the first students accepted to two scholarships through WSOS: the Baccalaureate Scholarship, where she received her bachelor’s degree in nursing, and the Graduate Scholarship, where she is pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP).   

“I learned about the importance of education from my parents, as they did not have the opportunity to pursue higher education in China and instead had to work to support their families. Because of this, I decided to attend college at Seattle University and pursue nursing.  

I knew I was interested in health care because of my experience with my grandmother. I have cared for her through her multiple health conditions since I was little. I have always been interested in learning about diseases and how to help people improve their health.  

WSOS helped me afford my undergraduate education and complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Seattle University.  

After graduating from Seattle University and passing the NCLEX exam, I took my first job as a registered nurse at a skilled nursing facility. I went on to gain experience in a primary care clinic part-time while starting a one-year hospital residency program in an orthopedics unit. After completing the residency program and becoming a skilled nurse, I worked as a float nurse in various medical-surgical units.  

Through these various experiences, I realized my passion lies in primary care and preventative care, so I became determined to become a family nurse practitioner.  

The Graduate Scholarship will help me afford my graduate education and complete a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at the University of Washington.  

I am not sure yet where the future will take me, but I have a special place in my heart for vulnerable populations who face barriers to accessing health care, such as those who are low-income, in medically underserved areas, or minority groups. It is so important to have health care providers who can reflect and understand their patients, and it would be my honor as a family nurse practitioner.”