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Guidance for WSOS applicants: How to make sure you’re eligible, given financial aid challenges 

This year’s financial aid application process is causing challenges for students and families. The launch of the new FAFSA form was delayed and had many issues, especially for families of mixed-documentation status.  

We are writing to reassure applicants, families, and partners that we are doing everything we can to provide flexibility to those impacted by these challenges. Applicants and families, please know we are here for you and will work together to overcome these barriers. 

Here’s our best advice to ensure you’re eligible for WSOS: 

We will contact every student who completes our CTS application by the April 10 deadline if we need to troubleshoot issues with their financial aid paperwork.  

To our applicants and families, don’t give up.

Your future career and access to higher education are essential.

Our team, state, employers, and schools want to see you enroll this fall, and we all want you to get access to the financial aid you deserve!

Hang in there; we are in this together.