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Gage, Chena, & Emanuel, Opportunity Scholars

Skills that Shine Mentorship Program

We are so excited you’re interested in mentorship! 

About the Skills that Shine program: 

The Skills that Shine mentorship program connects volunteer industry partners to serve as mentors to guide and enhance Opportunity Scholars’ career readiness skills, ensuring a smooth transition from college to career. The mentorship program focuses on creating access to resources, building connections, one-on-one career coaching, and discussions about the Scholar’s career journey. By becoming a mentor, industry professionals can play an essential role in supporting Scholars in their career development journey. 

Who are our Mentors:  

Skills that Shine mentors range from recent Scholar alums to seasoned professionals and retirees. Because our program focuses on developing soft skills, mentors don’t need to be experts in their mentee’s field of study. All we ask is that volunteers have experience in STEM or health care and are willing to support their mentees’ career development by meeting once per month for an hour.  

As a mentor, you will connect with a Scholar and support them in their career development. With our support, you’ll help your mentee build professional development tools and skills, such as building a strong resume and cover letter and interviewing skills, ultimately helping your mentee increase their confidence.  

Two people walking through a Boeing warehouse

”Giving back as a mentor required me to articulate my job function, professional goals and my company’s vision. Mentorship requires you to reflect and have thoughtful discussions, which promotes self-growth. It feels good knowing you are a valuable role model.” 

– Mason, Skills that Shine mentor, engineer 

How the Skills that Shine program works 

  • Step 1: Opportunity Scholars select their mentors based on their values and interests. 
  • Step 2: Mentors and Scholars receive a guide and an online curriculum to structure their meeting sessions. 
  • Step 3: Mentors are provided with helpful resources, training, and ongoing support throughout the program.  
  • Step 4: Mentors and scholars collaborate to identify the Scholar’s goals and develop a meeting plan that supports their achievement.  

Although the program is virtual, mentors and mentees can connect in person, over the phone, or online if they feel comfortable doing so.  

Mentors Help launch Scholars into high-demand careers in Washington state 

Two people walking through a construction site

“I had the pleasure of being [a Skills that Shine] mentor and I have been humbled and inspired by his efforts to become a civil engineer. It has been my pleasure to help [my mentee] tell his story and provide an opportunity to turn his ambitions into reality.” 

Justin, Skills that Shine mentor, engineer 

Baccalaureate Scholarship Program

The Details 


Baccalaureate (BaS) Scholars are earning their bachelor’s degree in high-demand STEM and health care majors. They have a wide range of skills and interests, and are studying computer science, aerospace engineering, conservation, and more!  

Scholars range from recent high school graduates to students entering college a few years later and are from every corner of Washington state.


Milestone Dates 
Sign up to be a Baccalaureate Mentor July 2024 – October 2025 
Working with your Baccalaureate Mentee October – April 2025 

Meeting Cadence:

We ask mentors to meet with their Scholar at least once each month for six meetings each cycle. 

Become a mentor:

We are not accepting mentors for the Baccalaureate Skills that Shine program at this time. Mentors will be able to sign up for the fall 2024 program in July.

Career & Technical Scholarship Program

The Details 


Career & Technical (CTS) Scholars are earning their certificate, apprenticeship, or associate degree. Scholars range from recent high school graduates to working professionals from various backgrounds across Washington state. 

Opportunity Scholars have a wide range of skills and interests. They are studying everything from coding and computer programming, to engineering, biotechnology, cybersecurity, manufacturing, and more. 


Milestone Dates 
Sign up to be a Career & Technical Mentor November, 2023 – March 2024 
Working with your Career & Technical Mentee April – June 2024 

Meeting Cadence: 

We ask mentors to meet with their Scholar at least once each month for a total of three meetings each cycle.