WSOS asks  Graduate Scholars to complete at least 50% of their clinical practicum hours in an HRSA-designated Medically Underserved Area (MUA) or Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA).  

  • We understand there are costs associated with hosting a student for practicums. To mitigate these costs, WSOS offers $3,600 per 120 clinical hours to sites located in an MUA or HPSA that hosts a GRD Scholar.  
  • The stipends are distributed to the organization or business (not individuals), and sites may use these funds however they see fit.  
  • WSOS considers this stipend a donation in support of the organization’s work in HRSA-designated areas and in helping further the training of DNP and MSN students. This is not payment for goods or services for WSOS. 

Eligible Sites 

Practicum sites located within a Washington state MUA or HPSA that are hosting a WSOS Graduate Scholar for a clinical practicum course of 60 hours or more. 

Check your clinical site address for eligibility

Process for Site Approval 

You must submit the Stipend request form below. Please have your accounting department look over the info; often, they will have the W-9 already prepared. 

  1. Fill out the Contact form Stipend Request form for your site. 
  1. On the Stipend Request form, there is a space to upload a signed W-9 tax form for your clinic. 

After the form is submitted, you will receive approval from WSOS via email. It may take up to 2 weeks from receipt of documents to approve your site for payment because we confirm student placements and the number of hours with the schools. After the practicum course end date, the host site has 60 days to apply for the stipend.  

Process for Payment 

Once the site is approved, we can begin to process the stipend payment for the current practicum student and any future WSOS Graduate Scholars. 

The student must be more than 75% of the way through their onsite clinical practicum hours to start the payment process: