Donor Spotlight: Q & A with BECU

The BECU Foundation returned for its fifth year as a corporate investor, supporting over 17 new Scholars for a total of 136 Scholars since our partnership began.

BECU staff have also joined as volunteers to read applicant essays. New this year, BECU is promoting WSOS’ application cycles through its website and digital communications.

The BECU Foundation is a private charitable foundation that awards scholarships to qualified students, creating positive change in key communities. Since 1995, the Foundation has awarded more than $3.5 million in scholarships to more than 1,305 students. The Foundation extends the credit union philosophy of people helping people by offering educational support to members and their families.

Why is BECU passionate about WSOS and increasing access to higher education?

Data shows that postsecondary education correlates with greater lifelong earning potential. Inspired by these studies, the BECU Foundation partnered with WSOS to help provide access to education and support degree completion. Through our partnership, we offer financial assistance and support hands-on educational opportunities that stem beyond the classroom. We hope our scholarships lead to long-term success and financial well-being for our BECU Opportunity Scholars.

What aspects of WSOS interest BECU the most?

The BECU Foundation values the variety of fields and pathways that WSOS supports. Supporting more than one educational path recognizes the various ways of learning and succeeding in life. The level of resources provided to students makes it possible to achieve high quality work, and it fosters the self-confidence needed to complete their educational journey. The Foundation and WSOS are aligned in reducing the root causes of inequity.

“We are dedicated to increasing financial access, improving financial education, helping individuals increase their earning power, and strengthening our communities’ financial health.”

Why is it important for BECU to support Washington students, including BECU members?

Many Washington students are at risk of not completing their credentials due to financial hardship. The BECU Foundation supports financial empowerment, which starts the journey to financial freedom.

With financial health, students can seize opportunities and build financial resilience, or the ability to withstand life events that impact income, assets, and future plans. By supporting partners that align with this vision, we can have an impact that supports Scholars’ financial well-being. What do you wish others knew about WSOS? WSOS is more than just a scholarship program. Scholars trust WSOS to be there when hardships arise, and many face barriers that can take an emotional toll. WSOS can be the resource students turn to for support to overcome hurdles on their education pathway.