Welcome to the Networking module!

In this module you’ll learn how to develop and utilize contacts to create and grow your professional network. You’ll also learn how to develop your personal pitch so that you’ll be ready to talk about your qualifications at networking events, career fairs and other professional gatherings.

There are two parts to this module:

  • Part I is “Defining your network”
  • Part II is “Developing your personal pitch”

Mentees, please review both parts of the module and determine whether you’d like to complete one or both. For example, you may decide that you’d like to work on defining your network, but you already feel confident about your personal pitch. Be sure to let your mentor know the sections you’d like to complete prior to your meeting.

Pay close attention to the parts of the module specific for either mentor or mentee.

Part I: Defining your network


To define your network.


  1. Identify who is in your current network.
  2. Develop strategies to expand your current network.

Time Commitment

Total Time for this Module
90 minutes to two hours.

Time required in preparation for team meeting
Mentee: 30 to 45 minutes to complete the “Defining Your Network” worksheet.

Mentor: 15 to 20 minutes to review and respond to the mentor pre-session activity reflection and the session guidance handouts.

Time required for team meeting
45 minutes to an hour. This meeting can occur in person, by phone, or via a video-conferencing platform.

Activities for mentees

  1. Click here to complete the Defining your network worksheet
  2. Watch The Boston Consulting Group video entitled “Networking Success”

Activities for mentors

  1. Defining Your Network
  2. Mentor Pre-Session Activity: Reflection
  3. Mentor Session Guidance
Mentor Pre-Session Activity: Reflection
Please take a moment to reflect upon who is your own professional and personal network. Think back to some of the key individuals who helped you get to the professional position you are in today. Consider asking:

  • How were you introduced to those in your network?
  • Where did you meet them?
  • Are there specific people among the group who stand out to you? Why?
Mentor Guidance for Session
  • Your mentee should complete the “Defining Your Network” activity sheet in advance of your meeting. When you meet, reference that document to support your conversation and help illustrate how your mentee can develop his or her network.

Review the questions below in light of your reflections and your mentee’s “Defining Your Network” activity responses.

  • Did your mentee list at least two entries in each category on his or her worksheet? If not, do you have any suggestions?
  • Based on your network and the individuals you reflected upon during your pre-session activity, are there any contacts your mentee may have may have forgotten to include?
  • Remember that one’s network is not limited to business contacts. Contacts such as retirees and retiree organizations, freelance professionals and consultants, and college or university alumni associations may prove fruitful sources of potential network contacts.
  • Are there any field-specific professional associations, community organizations, or committees and boards that could prove useful for your mentee to get involved?
  • Are you able to arrange an introduction with a member of one of these resources? Can you arrange for your mentee to sit in on a related meeting to better understand the issues involved?

Part II: Developing your personal pitch



To develop or improve your personal pitch for networking events, job fairs and other professional gatherings.


  1. Map out the elements of your personal pitch.
  2. Create your personal pitch.
  3. Practice your personal pitch in support of broadening your personal network.

Approximate Time Commitment

Total Time for this Module
Two to three hours.

Time required in preparation for team meeting
Mentee: 90 minutes to two hours to complete the “Developing Your Personal Pitch” worksheets, the “Drafting Your Personal Pitch” activity and the Networking Success video.

Mentor: 15 to 20 minutes to review the “Developing Your Personal Pitch worksheets.

Time required for team meeting

45 minutes to an hour. This meeting can occur in person, by phone, or via a video-conferencing platform.

Required reading and activities for mentees

1. Complete the Developing Your Personal Pitch worksheets.
2. Draft your personal pitch using the Drafting Your Personal Pitch worksheet as a resource.
3. View The Boston Consulting Group video entitled Networking Success.


Suggested reading materials and resources
1. Eight Power Networking Tips to Make More Meaningful Connections