Welcome to the module on mapping your knowledge, skills and abilities to the job search!


In this module, you will learn how to craft a Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) document to refine your job or internship search. This will help you communicate your fitness for a position and improve your job prospects.


  1. Improve your understanding of your KSAs.
  2. Improve your understanding of the KSAs a future employer or graduate degree program desires in its applicants.
  3. Learn how to concisely communicate your KSAs to potential employers via resumes, letters, KSA documents and interviews.

Time Commitment

Total time for this module
Two to four hours.

Time required to prepare for team meeting
Mentee: Two hours to review the “Crafting a KSA” document, complete the KSA worksheets, research job postings for a desired position(s) and develop other questions.

Mentor: 15 to 20 minutes to review the “Crafting a KSA” document and the related KSA worksheets.

Time needed for team meeting
Approximately 45 minutes to an hour. This meeting can occur in person, by phone or via a video-conferencing platform.


  1. Complete the KSA worksheets:
    • Itemize your KSAs
    • Give each of your KSAs context and relevance to the position you are seeking
    • Compose a draft KSA document
  2. In partnership with your mentor, learn how to research the KSAs of the professionals who are in your dream position or at your dream company and prepare application materials accordingly (e.g., resume and/or cover letter).


Handouts for Activities

  1. Crafting a KSA document—includes KSA worksheets

Suggested Reading Materials

  1. Writing for Knowledge, Strength and Abilities (or KSA)