Welcome to Skills that Shine!


WSOS is honored that you have chosen to participate in Skills that Shine! We are excited to share this professional growth opportunity that will surely benefit and inspire both mentor and mentee!

This is your home base for Skills that Shine content and materials. From this page you can access all of the modules and information you will need to be successful.

Please remember:

While we’d love for all our mentor/mentee teams to complete all the modules, at a minimum, please select two. Before selecting from the menu of modules, first complete the Orientation and Greetings and Goals modules. Your team can choose if you want to complete all parts of each module, or whether you want to pick and choose parts of the module that are relevant, based on existing skills and expertise.

Required modules (these modules should be completed prior to any other modules from the menu below):

  • Orientation
  • Greetings and Goals

Module Menu:

  • Applying for a Career Opportunity
  • Nailing the Interview
  • Networking
  • Fielding Job Offers (NEW for January 2018)
  • Mapping your knowledge, Skills and Abilities (NEW for January 2018)
  • Professional Etiquette (NEW for January 2018)

If for any reason you have questions or concerns, please contact WSOS Program Officer Joanna Moznette. She can be reached at SkillsThatShine@waopportunityscholarship.org