How to notify WSOS:

If you are a current recipient of the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship (WSOS), and you will be transferring to another eligible college or university, you will need to log into your Scholar Portal account and submit a new Request Form to transfer your scholarship. Look for the “Changing College/University of Attendance” form.

How your award will be affected by transferring:

  • If you are transferring mid-year, please fill out the “Changing College/University of Attendance” form as instructed above as soon as possible so that we can transfer your winter and/or spring disbursements to your new college.
  • Even if you have already been approved to receive an increased amount of either $5,000 or $7,500 at your previous college or university, you will need to submit the required increase documents again in order to receive the increased level of funding at your new institution.

*For students who transfer to The Evergreen State College (TESC): WSOS will confirm class standing and the eligible high-demand major with the college.