All scholarship recipients must complete the annual Required Renewal/Graduate Form each June to let us know whether or not you will be renewing the scholarship for the following academic year.

In the form, you’ll be able to indicate to us whether:

  • You’re renewing the WSOS for the next academic year;
  • You’ve graduated with a bachelor’s degree; OR
  • You’re not renewing the scholarship because you no longer meet renewal criteria.

If you are graduating or not planning to renew, please complete the Required Renewal/Graduate Form to formally decline the scholarship.

Students who do not complete the Required Renewal/Graduate Form will forfeit any future scholarship funding.

The Required Renewal/Graduate Form must be completed by July 3.

Please see Renewal Timeline for what to expect after you submit the form.

To access the Required Renewal/Graduate Form:

  • Please follow the instructions to access the new WSOS Scholar Portal. Go to the SIGN UP box and SIGN UP using the same email to which we sent your renewal reminder. Then create a password.
  • Once you SIGN UP for the first time, you will be taken directly to the Required Renewal/Graduate Form.
  • Don’t forget to write down and keep your password somewhere safe!

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-877-899-5002 or send an email to

Access Required Renewal/Graduate Form now