Are you looking to connect with a professional who is working in your field of interest? Do you have questions about your future career that you’d like to ask a professional who knows firsthand?

If so, we have the opportunity for you!

As a Washington State Opportunity Scholar, you can sign up to talk one-on-one with a member of our Sounding Board. The Sounding Board is a team of professionals who are available to field questions, offer ideas and advice, and encourage you to pursue your career goals.

Complete the brief questionnaire below and WSOS will contact you when a professional in your field is available to chat. You’ll be introduced over email so you can schedule a time to connect either over the phone or in person at a business location, cafe or campus.

Sounding Board Questionnaire

Gender*: MaleFemaleOther/Prefer Not to Specify
Age Range*: Under 1818 or older
Which industry or industries are you primarily looking for professional experience? (Check all that apply)AgricultureBiosciencesComputer & Information SciencesEducationEngineeringHealthcareMathematicsNatural Resources & Conservation
Which specific area or areas do you need advice? (Check all that apply)Academic Courses & ProgramsEntering the Job MarketGraduate SchoolInsights About Your FieldInternshipsProfessional Associations & CertificationsProfessionalism & Soft SkillsUndergraduate ResearchOther

Standards of Professional Conduct for Washington State Opportunity Scholars

When you participate in a professional opportunity through the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship (WSOS) you are representing not just yourself, but the organization and your fellow Scholars, both current and future. Professional opportunities include networking events, Industry Explorations, Skills That Shine Mentorship, internships and/or employment.

It is important these experiences are positive for you as well as the employer or professional providing the opportunity. To accomplish this we ask that you:

1. Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Arrive on-time and prepared to participate in professional opportunities.
  • Use appropriate written and oral communication in all interactions.
  • Demonstrate respect, cooperation, integrity, courtesy, and a willingness to learn.
  • Follow through on commitments.
  • Dress appropriately for the setting.
  • Seek to improve your professional skills by requesting and accepting constructive feedback.
  • Do not engage in disruptive behaviors such as conducting personal business or using inappropriate language.

2. When applicable, familiarize yourself with and adhere to the expectations and policies of the workplace or as required by the employer and/or WSOS.

3. Notify WSOS immediately if you can no longer participate in a professional opportunity, or need assistance to resolve a problem related to your participation.

I understand and agree with the professional standards for Washington State Opportunity Scholars as stated above. I understand that it is a privilege to participate in these professional opportunities and failing to comply with this the WSOS Standards of Professional Conduct may limit or prohibit your participation in programming.

I Agree to These Standards of Professional Conduct