To support you on your path to employment, utilize these resources to search for employment opportunities, refine your resume and cover letter, prepare for an interview and land an internship or job in your field.

Looking for a Job or Internship? Check out these Job Search Sites

Craigslist – Biotech and Science
Craigslist – Medical and Health
Craigslist – Technical Support
Learn How to Become
SM Diversity
Washington Healthcare Careers
Washington Society of Professional Engineers
WSOS Exclusive Job and Internship Board

Ready to apply? These resources will help you write a stand-out resume and cover letter.

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Preparing for an interview? “The separation is in the preparation.” – Russell Wilson

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Didn’t receive an interview offer? Make sure that your resume or cover letter isn’t holding you back.

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Could your interview have gone better? Here’s how to bounce back after a not-so-great interview.

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Congrats! You were offered the position – now what?

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