Name: Kyle Lee

Graduated high school from: Franklin High school

School and area of study: University of Washington, Electrical Engineering

Year in college: graduated, from 2012-2016

Current Internship: For almost a year I’ve been working full time as Hardware Engineer at Pure engineering, LLC. It took two months after graduation because I wanted to find something ideal for my skill set and a little less general than a lot of other entry level position offered.

What should people know about you? In high school I used to build robots for fun! It’s what got me into STEM and gave me hands-on experience.

What would be your advice to new scholars? Make sure that you try out the type of work you think you’d like to do before you study and fully commit to it. Join a club, do job shadowing, and interview people in the field. You don’t want to go through a 4 year degree to find out in the end that you don’t enjoy it. I also wouldn’t have been as driven to learn in my classes if I did not know the real-world application or the use behind what I was learning, so find significance in your work.

Can you tell us about the process of finding an internship/how it has helped you? I got my first internship through networking. I was offered an internship from connecting with my old robotics mentor from high school. He knew how passionate I was when I was building robots and knew I would work hard. I’ve also gotten internships from showing enthusiasm for projects I worked on before and enthusiasm about the company’s products. After your first internship, everything is incrementally easier. You have a bigger skill set and your resume looks better!

What should people know about the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship? Washington State Opportunity Scholarship is not just about the money. I also received help and mentorship from Theresa, the program director for WSOS, who helped me learn to efficiently connect with other professionals. She helped me with cold calling potential employers and even professors at grad schools. She helped give me a professional voice. It’s a tailored solution because when you’re ready you can sit down with your PO and make calls.

What are your next steps? My question is always am I learning now or is there a better opportunity for me to learn somewhere else? I need to make decisions regarding my next steps, maybe school or continuing my professional experience.