Name: Carter Riley
Graduated high school from: Cle Elum Roslyn High School
School and area of study: Gonzaga University, Computer Science
Year in college: Senior

What should people know about me? I love computers. I love understanding how they work and getting them to work in different ways. Quite a bit of computer science is finding understanding what you want the computer to do on a very basic level and then translating that into code it can understand.

How is your Internship at Itron going? I applied for the position just before finals and about one month later I found out I got it. I’m now about 3 or 4 weeks in. We’re developing a tool to translate from one system into another. Right now, I’m learning a lot of information. Next week, I’ll be working with software engineers and not just interns, and working on customer facing products.

What would be your advice to new scholars? Check your email! Take advantage of all the opportunities that WSOS has to offer you. Just last year, I learned about all the cool stuff they had. I participated in OpportunityLaunch and Skills That Shine which were both very helpful programs.

What would be your advice to a new scholar at your school? Meet other Scholars. All the Freshman are required to take certain classes, so you have a chance to make connections and study together. Take advantage of office hours with the program officers.

What should people know about the Washington Opportunity Scholarship? This is a great scholarship and it’s been a very big help. WSOS is so much more than financial help. They give students the chance to visit companies and other opportunities that other scholarships just don’t have.

What are your next steps? Definitely graduating and exploring what my degree has to offer. There are many different positions someone with a computer science degree can apply for, like artificial intelligence, UI design, web development and much more. This internship is focused on software engineering and DevOps. I’m going to keep researching all the various positions available to a computer science major.